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Suzhou Conjoin Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. focused on technological research and product development in electric power supply connection, provide high current power supply connections for customers products and professional solutions.‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

  Take the customer as the center of Auburnand the market demand as the guide,Conjoinhave developed a wire spring jack, push pull connector products,current range from tens of amperes to several thousand amperes, widely used in industry, electric power, oil electric vehicles, medicine, new energy and other industries. In these industries proved to have excellent performance, get customer approval.

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  In order to meet the market demand, our company after years of research and development, The launch of the 1000A push pull high current connector.

  Conjoin 1000A Push pull connector for large current Industry, electric power, oil, electric vehicles, medicine, new energy and other industries All kinds of large current situations.

   Conjoin 1000A Push pull high current connector Using a special spring Provide standard technology, product specifications can guarantee the user fast and safe connection system. Coggio can according to the customer demand, provide professional service and customized design.

* Push pull connection, reliable connection, convenient connection and separation

* Vibration and impact resistance, waterproof and dustproof

* The contact resistance is small, pressure drop, Wen Shengdi

* Widely used in industry, electric power, oil, electric vehicles, new energy and    other fields